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The Rechargeable Twitching Lure
We are confident that you will enjoy a whole new level of fishing with
our revolutionary new Vibr-Strike Technology.
The lure twitches, flashes and buzzes in the water to mimic wounded bait fish
and entice all types of fish by tapping into their DNA instincts.
L.E.D. lights embedded in the lure to attract more fish.
The light act as beacon for the fish and causes them to strike.
The lights in the lures can last as long as hours submerged in the water per 30 minute charge.
Our L.E.D. lights turn on automatically when they hit the water and turn off when they exit
the water. Get the best advantage on your next fishing trip.
The Twitching Lure Shrimp offers lifelike details making them irresistible to gamefish.
This lure utilizes a feather tail to mimic a real shrimp tail and holographic foil to reflect light in all directions,
providing an fish-attracting, realistic shrimp presentation.
Combine those qualities with the natural, slow-falling action and this bait becomes a must-have in your tackle box. 
  • Tight, wiggling action
  • Proprietary Super Tin treble hooks
  • Holographic Mylar tinsel tail accents
  • Strong polycarbonate material
  • Rechargeable, fully charged in 30min
  • Can be fished at any depth
  • Type: slow sinking
  • Size: 1″ wide x 7″ long

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