CipherShield Walk-up USB Printing 128-bit AES HIPAA Hardware Encrypted Portable Drive


WARNING for California resident
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Product Description

BUSlink Walk-up USB Printing Portable Drive supports the Walk-up USB Printing port of many HP enterprise MFP and MFP. It allows you to print directly from the drive without using a computer. It also allows scanning directly to the drive.

CipherShield drive safeguards and protects classified information when they are too important to be left in the hand of one individual. To gain access to the drive, authentication will be based on one unique Cipher Key. It requires one key to be plugged in all the time while working with the drive. It is like getting a safe deposit box that takes one key to open. It is suitable for group setting where more than one individual are working on highly confidential projects. i.e. blueprints for company’s next new products, top secret programs, highly confidential legal cases, sensitive customer records and financial information.

CipherShield design features a chip embedded in the access key which matches the AES encryption module on the controller board. The drive will automatically lock down its content once the key is unplugged, or power is shut off. And without the access key, data will not be seen or accessed in the event of theft or loss of the external drive. Data stored on the hard drive are safeguarded by hardware-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified industrial strength AES (Advanced Encryption standard) cryptographic engine. The advantage of hardware encryption over software encryption is that you need not be concerned about Trojans/viruses or software upgrades, which results in a decrease of total cost of ownership. Since CipherShield encrypts data independent of the operating system; removing the drive and connecting it directly to the SATA BUS will not defeat the encryption. Unit is bundled with two keys and registration is required for key duplication.


  • 128-bit AES hardware encryption
  • SSD drives inside for low power, durability and shock resistance
  • Slim and Portable
  • Conforms to HIPAA regulation regarding patient privacy and to Sarbanes-Oxley regarding corporate financial and accounting practice
  • CipherShield Smart Insert technology with CipherKey to authenticate the drive
  • FDE (Full Disk Encryption) encrypt whole drive
  • Real time “on-the-fly” encryption without any performance degradation
  • Faster, easier to use, and provide a better security than software encryption
  • Operates independently to the OS: does not require separate drivers
  • Encryption key is on the removable hardware key; can be removed and stored away to prevent unauthorized access
  • Plug and play; no complicated installation
  • Drive: Pre-formatted FAT32 SATA drive

System Requirement

  • Walk-up USB Printing port on printer (i.e HP MFP printers)
  • preformatted with FAT32 format

Package Content

  • CipherShield Walk-up USB Printing 128-bit AES encrypted drive
  • 2 Cipherkeys
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

240GB, 250GB, 480GB, 500GB, 1TB


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