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WARNING for California resident
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Charcoal Mask Protector (Help extend the life of surgical mask)
*** Mask NOT included***
In order to reduce the usage and extend the life of medical masks, we have made replaceable washable mask covers. Mainly to extend the life of the precious medical mask.
The function of the Mask Cover:

  • If you are just going out for a while and you are worried about wasting your medical masks, you can put the medical mask in the “mask cover” to extend the life of the mask.
  • The mask cover can be washed and reused
Material: 50% Charcoal Fiber 50% Elastic Fiber
Size: 8 inches X 4.5 inches
Color: Black
Manufactured: Made In Taiwan


  1. Insert Surgical Mask (Wash your hands before inserting mask)
  2. Align the surgical mask against protector.
  3. Wear & adjust the mask to completely cover your nose and mouth
Handmade item, may have ±2cm deviation
*Please wash the mask protector before use and everyday after use
The many positive qualities of bamboo charcoal fabric include:
Easier on sensitive skin – The fabric inhibits bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions than other fibers sterilized with antimicrobial agents.
Reduces Static buildup – This is a conductive material so it keeps a balanced charge in fabric to help reduce static buildup.
Superior Absorption & Deodorizing Ability – This trait is due to the highly porous structure of the bamboo fabric.
Anti-pilling – Because it has good performance in anti-fluff, bamboo Charcoal fiber can reach level 3.5 ~ level 4.5 as for the anti- fluff, anti-pilling effect.
Superior Washing and Durability –  Bamboo charcoal fibers quick-drying and because the bamboo charcoal nano particles are embedded in the fabric rather than simply coated onto the surface, the fabric can be washed numerous times with no adverse effect on the charcoal qualities.
Moisture Regulation – Bamboo charcoal yarn has a cross-section filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes so compared to conventional fabrics, it is better at moisture absorption and ventilation.  The fabric keeps the wearer dry and comfortable on hot days.
Thermal Regulation – The highly porous nature of bamboo charcoal also lets it act as an insulator against the cold while also retaining heat.  .
Antimicrobial Functions – Bamboo Charcoal fiber effectively decomposes the micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.
Care instruction:
Can be washed with water, water temperature <30°C (86°F),
Dry Flat
Do NOT dry clean
Do NOT bleach
Do Not Tumble
Do not iron

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